Kyle Berkshire: Professional Long DriverKyle Berkshire: Professional Long Driver

Kyle Rocks at the ROC City Rumble in Rochester N.Y.

July 25, 2019

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Kyle Berkshire went the distance at the ROC City Rumble in Rochester N.Y., on July 24th, 2019 for the win. It came down to Berkshire and Martin Borgmeier in the finals where Berkshire’s first shot of 380 yards beat borgmeier’s 369-yard drive. “One and done,” said the golf channel announcers Jonathan Coachman and Art Sellinger. Sellinger is a two-time World Long Drive champion and is referred to as a pioneer of the sport.

Leading up to the men’s finals, Berkshire had come in 1st in every elimination event starting with the round 1 prelims and a field of 54 long drive professionals.

The Men’s Finals started as a group of eight players and four sets: (3) Kyle Berkshire (Orlando, Fla.) vs. (11) Jeff Gavin (Hamilton, Ont., Canada), (19) James Tait (London, England) vs. (28) Nick Kiefer (Chicago, Ill.),(4) Will Hogue (Memphis, Tenn.) vs. (23) Eddie Fernandes (Winter Garden, Fla.), (6) Tim Burke (Orlando, Fla.) vs. (18) Martin Borgmeier (Munich, Germany).

Berkshire beat Gavin Smith with a 366-yard drive followed by a 369-yard drive to beat Nick Kiefer to face Borgmeier in the final square off. Borgmeier topped out his 8 shots with the a 369-yard drive. That is when Berkshire finished the game with his 380-yard drive.

His 380-yard drive was the longest drive of the night at the ROC City Rumble WLD Event 2019.

Berkshire’s win here moves him into 1st place among the WLD circuit.

The next WLD event will be the Tennessee Big Shots benefiting Niswonger Children’s Hospital in Kingsport, TN August 10th-12th.